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Old bannerc

Old bannerc

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to The Incorporated Society of Musicians Lodge.

Whether you are interested, intrigued or just curious, we invite you to browse our website. Please feel free to contact us, via the 'Contact' tab above.

Warrant granted November 13th 1901

Consecrated May 15th 1902 by the late V.W.Bro. Sir Edward Letchworth, Grand Secretary.

Grand Patron of The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

Grand Patron of The New Masonic Samaritan Fund.

Gold Jewell NMSF London Appeal.

Grand Patron of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

R.M.B.I. London Appeal, MGM's Platinum Award.

Vice Patron Lodge of the MMC.


W.Bro. W.H. Cummings, Mus Doc, FSA, PGO.

W.Bro. Alfred King, Mus Doc, FRCO.

W.Bro. George F. Smith, FRCO, PGO.

W.Bro. H. Walmsley Little, Mus Doc, FRCO, PGO.

W.Bro. Fountain Meen, PGO.

W.Bro W. Henry Thomas, FRAM, PGO.

W.Bro. Hugo Chadfield.

W.Bro. Charles W. Pearce, MA, Mus Doc, FRCO.

W.Bro Charles Vincent, Mus Doc.

Bro. George P. Vincent.

Please note: The Incorporated Society of Musicians (Lodge 2881) is a separate organisation, and in no way connected to, Incorporated Society of Musicians, the UK's professional body for musicians, and subject association for music education and is an independent non profit-making organisation.

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