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Freemasons' Hall King Charles III Coronation Medal/Coin is now available from The Shop at Freemason's Hall. Hand painted collectable coin in imitation gold. Design has a celebration of King Charles III’s coronation on one side and a Square and compass on the other.



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Freemasons’ Hall to host sixteen ‘Christmas by Candlelight’ performances.

Get into this Christmas spirit will be easy this year thanks to a Christmas musical extravaganza from the Belmont Ensemble and Trafalgar Sinfonia, who will be playing 16 Christmas concerts at the art deco masterpiece, which is Freemasons’ Hall this December.

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 17.26.45.png



We are proud to present our new Lodge Master and Officers.



Situated on the ground floor of the superb, art-deco masterpiece that is Freemasons’ Hall, the Café and Bar are now open to members, museum visitors and the general public alike.



Get the latest news, stories and information, direct from the Freemason site. Just click on the link below.

INSTALLATION MEETING - 24th April 2021. 


W,Master and Brethren all;

In happier times, on 24th April, we would have been attending our Installation Meeting at which we would have celebrated the completion of another happy year and looking forward to a new one with a new W.M. I’m sure that when the pandemic struck just over a year ago none of us imagined that the country would still be just beginning to emerge from yet another lockdown and that we would still be unable to meet. However things are beginning to look a little brighter and there is a a glimmer of hope that we may be able top meet again soon.

The purpose of this message is to let you all know that I am thinking about you and our lodge and that at 9.00 pm tomorrow I will be drinking a toast to you all, wishing you all the best for yourselves and your families and hoping that we will soon be able to meet and “Unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness”

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Eric Stuckey SLGR


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Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends and nation. Rest in peace

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The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and its members are doing all they can to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

You can read all the stories by clinking the link below .



Freemasons' Hall will be open to the public for Open House London on 19-20 September 2020. For more info click the link

ARENA 41....


Get the latest news, stories and information, direct from the Freemason site. Just click on the link below.



Today would have seen the handover of ISM Mastership, at our scheduled meeting. Obviously this will not be possible, given the current crisis.


So it is your Masters wish, that a toast be raised to "The Queen and the Craft" this evening (Saturday 25th April 2020).

Gentlemen... please be upstanding tonight.

Stay safe Brethren.



With the current climate around the containment of the Coronavirus, please be sure to check out the latest updates from UGLE.


Freeman's Hall, London is currently closed until further notice.

Please also ensure that you get your latest information about the virus from legitimate sources.



Dear Brothers

It is with great sadness that we inform you that, our most dear friend, colleague and brother Worshipful Brother Don has ascended to the Grand Lodge above. 

He was surrounded by family and friends in his last days and passed peacefully.

His funeral date has yet to be confirmed but will probably be on the 28th of October at Bishops Stortford Methodist Church.  

His local lodge St Michaels (2136) will be providing an honour guard.

Further details as soon as they become available.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time.



An independent magazine for Freemason's, worth a read.

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March 28th 2019 saw the Investiture of Officers at Freemasons' Hall, London. ISM Lodge where honoured to see the raising of our current Master W. Bro James H. A. Tayler to PPAGReg. We wish to congratulate James on his well earned title.

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 15.28.05.png



Read about the history of Freemason's Hall, London direct from the Freemason site. Just click on the link below.



Get the latest news, stories and information, direct from the Freemason site. Just click on the link below.


(update 9th September 2018)


For those of you who missed the TV series 'Inside The Freemasons', or if you just want to see it again, Netflix will  be airing from September 15th 2018. The link below will take you to the original UGLE page for the program.


(update 14th February 2018)


As you may be aware, there has been quite a stir in the national press over the last few weeks. Click the link below to follow what's been said, and to see Dr David Staples, UGLE's Chief Executive, response.


(update 15th December 2017)


A our last meeting, a 'select' few performed an excerpt from the 1922 piece by Bro. Rudyard Kipling.


During the performance, we were treated to a short piece of music written by W.Bro. Eric Stuckey, and sung by our passing Brother, Macaulay Crawford, which accompanied the 'Entered Apprentice's Song'. 

If you would like to read this piece for yourself the link is buttoned below. 


(update 24th November 2017)


The screening of the Tercentenary celebration at the Royal Albert Hall is now available to view online. Click the link below to view in glorious HD !


(update 19th November 2017)


Coming on Monday - 27th November 2017 the National Blood Service will be holding court at Freemasons' Hall, 60 Great Queen St, London WC2B, UK, taking donations.

Grand Master's Birthday.

(update 9th October 2017)


A very happy birthday wish to our Grand Master, His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent, a spritely 82 today.


Grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, and he has held the title of Duke of Kent for over 75 years. Hid Highness was initiated into Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 on 16 December 1963.


Becoming our Grand Master at an Especial Grand Lodge held at the Royal Albert Hall on June 14th 1967.

Pro Grand Master's quarterly address.

(update 13th September 2017)


The Pro Grand Master's address to Grand Lodge today – in which he covers the myriad 300th anniversary celebrations we've seen so far this year.

Click on the link below to view PGM Peter Lowndes full address. 

Happy Birthday Freemasons' Hall

(update 19th July 2017)




84 years ago today, the Masonic Peace Memorial as it was then called, and now known as Freemasons' Hall, was officially opened and ceremoniously dedicated by the Grand Master, HRH The Duke of Connaught

If you would like to know more, check out the link below:

George Washington - The Mason

(update 4th July 2017)




At our last meeting, we welcomed a Brother from across the water, from Alexandria Lodge № 22. Alexandria Lodge is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the United States. Founded in 1783 in Washington, Virginia, it was also home to the former President of the United States of America.

If you would like to know more, check out the link below:


Proms at Freemason Hall

(update 22nd April 2017)

Tickets are still available for the Proms at Freemason Hall on Saturday 8th July. However, matinee performance availability is limited. This link will transfer you direct to the booking page at Ticketline -

SKY TV - Inside The Freemasons'

(update 22nd April 2017)


The first episode of the sky 1 documentary series ‘Inside The Freemasons’ aired on the 17th april at 8pm.

Information reproduced The United Grand Lodge of England website at

"Emporium Productions, who were commissioned by Sky to produce the series, have this to say on their website: 'Welcome to one of the oldest social networking organisations in the world; a fraternal order that welcomes members regardless of their status, creed or political persuasion – Freemasonry.

'With unique and unprecedented access to the Freemasons, 'Inside the Freemasons' asks who are Freemasons and what do they do? As the United Grand Lodge of England celebrates its tercentenary in 2017, we go beyond the myth and legend to discover what it means to be a Freemason today through the words and lives of Freemasons themselves.

'While most of us are familiar with the concept of Freemasons, few can describe who they are and what they do with any confidence or accuracy. What has motivated generations of men to join its ranks? What does the symbolism mean? How does public perception differ to reality? And what does Freemasonry have to offer men and society in the 21st Century?"

Inside The Freemasons' DVD

(update 19th May 2017)


The DVD of the recent SKY TV series ' Inside The Freemasons' '

is now available for pre-order, with the release date of 15th June 2017.

Art Exhibition at Freemasons' Hall

(update 20th June 2017)


Starting on Saturday June 24th Artist in Residence Jacques Viljoen's new exhibition of over twenty five works will be open. Called the 'Rough to Smooth' the exhibition will also feature nine guest artist works.

Jacques will be conducting a 'class' in still life painting on the Opening Day, admission is free and lasts until Saturday 1st July.

For more information:


Tercentenary Stamp Issue

(UGLE Facebook post 20 April 2017)

2017 marks the tercentenary of English Freemasonry first Grand Lodge and Isle of Man Post Office is celebrating the occasion with this set of six beautiful postage stampsdesigned by Glazier Design.
















The stamps are filled with symbols and references, including a hidden logo only visible under UV light, GPS references to places important to Freemasonry, and a subtle ribbon honouring the 50th year of office of our current Grand Master, HRH The Duke of Kent. 

Maxine Cannon of Isle of Man Stamps and Coins added: "We are pleased to release this innovative and creative set of stamps to mark 300 years of English Freemasonry.

"We have worked very closely with UGLE, in particular with Director of Communications Mike Baker (pictured centre), and on the Isle of Man, Keith Dalrymple (right) and Alex Downie (left), who have provided us with a wealth of material and thank them for their time, knowledge and assistance in making this such an interesting project."







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