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Masonic Charities


Charitable Activities within The Incorporated Society of Musicians Lodge No 2881

Despite being a relatively small Lodge, we are proud of our efforts and achievements. We regularly support the Masonic Charities detailed on The pages of the United Grand Lodge of England's website. (See the link below). 

Our Lodge Almoner monitors the circumstances of our Elderly Members, less able Members and the Widows of members. We can & do assist in many different ways giving Practical and Moral support when required.

How do we raise the Money ?

We have our own system of collecting contributions from our members. No one is expected to contribute beyond which their personal circumstances allow. All of these contributions are given totally anonymously. The Lodge Charity Steward ensures that full tax relief is secured from these donations and that the funds are utilised and invested for maximum effect. In addition, we normally have a collection of ALMS at the end of each meeting, when any Member or Visitor can give freely, but again anonymously. Raffles are often held when we dine after our meetings and from time to time other fund raising schemes take place. As a result of these efforts we have achieved the following :

Grand Patron of Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
Grand Patron New Masonic Samaritan Fund
Gold Jewel NMSF London Appeal
Patron of the Royal Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls
R.M.B.I. London Appeal, MGM's Platinum Award

Vice Patron of MMC

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